The Music In My Head

A few years ago, I realized I started going through was pretty much amounted to a mid-life crisis. While most guys will end up getting a funky haircut or buying done expensive sports car, I went the “less disruptive” route and simply developed a new hobby. What was the new hobby, you ask?


Bungee jumping?

Tiger wrestling?

Nah… I’m too boring for any of that. Instead, I settled on composing music.

Since I was little, I always felt I had music inside my head, but I never learned to pay an instrument or to actually write music. At the same time I started craving a hobby, I was hearing “my music” more and more. I realized that I needed to create it somehow. Thankfully, I was able to find Caustic: it’s an EDM music creator app that allows to you make full songs, edit them, and convert them into mp3s for full playback.

So, yes… I am now an amateur EDM composer.

Now, I don’t have any crazy fantasies about becoming a chart-topping EDM artist – I very much realize that I’m not all that good. But I am able to bring to life the music that’s in my head and make it real, and that is something amazing.

So, without further ado, here are three of my songs that I’ve written. I hope I enjoy listening to these when I check back later to make sure I embedded them properly!


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